MAZARACK RESTAURANT IS LOCATED in the Venetian lagoon of Caorle, an environment marked out by a large expanse of canals and quiet waters, bordered by rushes and the Casoni, the straw roofed houses that shelter fishermen, a unique historical heritage.


A rich and green pine forest divides the lagoon environment from the free beach of fine sand, an unspoilt nature with many landscapes: the Brussa.

Inhabited by several animal and vegetation, it has become a site of community importance known by the name of Vallevecchia.

THE RESTAURANT IS OPEN FROM APRIL TO SEPTEMBER and is easily reached by land, sea and air.

It is equipped with jetties for mooring speedboats and small sailboats, and a large airstrip for the landing and take-off of ultralight aircraft.

At the Mazarack, there is a large ramp for boats, reachable by car and truck, and a large parking area free of charge.

In the nearby parking area, it is also possible to park campers.

BRUSSA IS A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT, of great natural beauty, where different landscapes can be found: sand dunes, rich pine forests, freshwater lakes, farmed fields and many navigable canals, along one of which the Mazarack restaurant is located.


For those wishing to spend few days by the sea in Brussa, it is possible to stay in flats at the Case Are residence, also managed by Conte family.

The residence is located close to the Mazarack, about 800 metres from the beach and has a large garden with swimming pools. The flats are equipped with all home comforts and are available to rent on a weekly basis.