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The restaurat is closed during the winter
and will reopen on April 22,2022.


We have set up new spaces outside and modified the spaces inside following the rules of safety and prevention anti COVID-19.
The distances between tables are very wide, in order to respect the space between customers sitting at the table, and between people walking and people who are seated.
For customers, who are only allowed to enter into our restaurant if equipped with a mask, disinfectant gels and hand washers are available in several points of the restaurant both externally and internally.
Waiters have been trained to guarantee safe table service and to carry out safety procedures, such as cleaning and disinfecting tables, seats, handles and tops.
All staff (waiters, chefs, assistants) have been trained to work respecting the standards provided for the prevention and reduction of COVID-19.
In this particular historical moment, our priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of all continuing to offer the same standards and the same quality as always.


Motorway A4 Venice-Trieste, you may drive out in Portogruaro exit or Latisana exit.

From Portogruaro exit (18km): at the first ring turn towards Concordia Sagittaria, “Viale Pordenone” street SS 251; then at the next ring turn towards “Viale Isonzo”, street SP 68, crossing Concordia Sagittaria side by side Lemene river (10 km); at the crossing, turn left towards Sindacale covering SP 42 street and following Lugugnana indications. At Lugugnana crossroads, turn right on SP 70 towards Brussa.

From Latisana exit (22km): turn on “Viale Lignano” street, SS 354, and at the crossroads turn on “Viale Crosera”, SS 14, following San Michele indications and crossing the Latisana center. After 1km, turn left towards “Viale Aldo Moro”, SP 74, and at the ring follow Lugugnana indications. At Lugugnana crossroads, turn left on SP 70 towards Brussa.


The rail station is Portogruaro - Caorle ( You may easy reach Brussa thanks to the various bus connections from Portogruaro bus station ( Bus station is approximately at 400m from rail station.


There are two airports if you come by plane:

From Venice Airport ( you may then reach Brussa by taxi or by train following Portogruaro indications.

From Ronchi dei Legionari Airport ( you may then reach Brussa by bus ( following Latisana indications.

Typical Venetian Cuisine
Polenta and Fish Specialties

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TEL 0421.84119
FAX 0421.217907

Località Brussa

45°38'21.7" N
12°56'50.4" E

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